Tourism And The Impact On The Economy

Tourism and the Impact on the Economy

Tourism is an extremely important part for many countries as it is a good contributor towards the gross domestic product for a country and can be a good source of foreign currency as well. This is because people would need to exchange their home currency to the currency of the country that they are visiting which means that the demand for the country’s currency would increase and there would be an increase in the amount of foreign exchange reserves of the country. In addition to this, the increased demand for the country’s currency because of the inflow of tourists into the country also allows for the country’s currency to appreciate in value as the demand for the currency would be greater. This is possible because of the simple rule of demand and supply which dictates that if the supply of a particular product, in this case, the currency of the country, remains unchanged and there is an increase in the demand of the said product, then the value of that particular product will increase as well. This can have a multitude of different benefits for the residents of the country as they will be able to enjoy other countries’ products for a lower price since their country’s currency has appreciated in value.

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